Thursday, 7 December 2006

Why Photography? Because it’s Fun!

Photography is fascinating. You are using both sides of your brain - it’s technical and art at the same time. A great way to express yourself and find yourself. Highly individual. And there are many ways to experiment and find your own way.Photography definitely has it’s spiritual side. Freezing a moment of time, which would have passed otherwise … think about it.

Capture what is important to you. Friends, Family, Pets, Cars, Hobbies, Work, Landscapes, Nature, Architecture, Underwater Life or create your own fine art prints … and frame and/ or sell them. The possibilities are endless. You will enjoy what you do and impress others as you progress. Have fun.

With digital cameras photography is easier than ever. No more waiting for development or prints, easy editing in Photoshop at home, no cost for film and technology is becoming more and more affordable.

I became serious about photography when I left my home country Germany and moved to Australia. With the internet at your fingertips it is a convenient way to share memories and experiences worldwide.

Have a look at my photo webpage:

Later I will share some more infos on photo sharing web pages. There are many of them and offers vary widely …

My Photo Sharing Page, 2006

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