Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Hi There – First Post

Here I would like to share the discoveries on my current journey into the photography world … and this is my first post. I am not a Pro Photographer by any means and there is still lots to learn for myself. However, I invested quite some time (and money) into this exciting hobby and learned a few lessons I would like to pass on.

More soon, first photo below.

Early Morning At Dee Why Beach, Sydney


Henry said...

what a beautiful sight

Robin - Erithacus rubecula said...

Have you got any pics of Palm Beach or Whale Beach?

Robyne said...

I would love a pic of Sydney or Double Bay on my blog if you have one you would share...


Thorsten said...

robin: check by beaches gallery, http://thorsten.smugmug.com/gallery/886954

robyne: look here, http://thorsten.smugmug.com/Australia/121074

or just check the main page: http://thorsten.smugmug.com